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Clarice is amazing! Although the combination makes perfect sense, it’s not often you find a fitness instructor who is a seasoned physical therapist. She has successfully treated me for both back and sciatica issues. And, the cherry on the top is not only are Clarice's classes informative and effective, they’re actually fun too!
-Laura P.
Piedmont, CA

The words that come to mind to describe Clarice are knowledgeable, skilled and generous. Plus, being with her is so much fun. Sweet Clarice gives personal attention to each person so after a few sessions, I have positions to improve my strength. I feel like I'm being given secrets to good health.
-Dolores W.
Martinez, CA

I first met Clarice as my Physical Therapist after surgery. She was most caring and concerned about getting me moving again on a personal level and I really thrived with her care. Then she started her own exercise classes and these are fun to go to. She gives us all great personalized attention, we laugh a lot, and she doesn't take herself too seriously. When someone new comes into the class, Clarice takes time to introduce everyone, and makes a point of giving the new person individual attention without neglecting the rest of the class. Suffice it to say, she is the BEST.
-Julia F.
Oakland, CA


Clarice is a Physical Therapist with advanced training in Spinal Health and Wellness. She started out as a Neurological PT and later switched into sports orthopedics; she combines the best elements of both in her programs. She loves adding balance, coordination and agility challenges to strength training to make exercise more functional and true to life.

Clarice loves sports and has a background in running, dance and collegiate swimming. Those who know Clarice in person can attest that this Irishwoman has a big warm personality, and is a lot of fun! She says:

"I’m passionate about figuring out the human body and how to help my clients reach their full potential. I love teaching my clients how to use foam rollers, stick rollers, acupressure balls, and both dynamic and static stretching to assist with fascial and connective tissue release and flexibility training. I’m a sound believer in the importance of a strong core and see it as the foundation or tree trunk of the body-giving the spine the tremendous stability it needs so the arms and legs can move freely and with better agility and ease.

I’ve been a Physical Therapist for nearly 30 years and absolutely love it! I’ve had the pleasure to work with people from all walks of life including artists, farmers, policemen, firemen, NFL Players, burn victims, neurological clients, Olympians, total knee and hip patients, cystic fibrosis clients, and grandmas. Seeing their health and quality of life improved through exercise gives me immense satisfaction, and motivates me to do even more".

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Physical Therapist led exercise classes

You'll discover how to tap into your own mind-body connection to build coordinated strength, balance and power while improving your posture and body mechanics to alleviate any neck or back pain.  
Classes are 75 min in length and focus on foam rolling (15 min.), core activation and co-contraction of stabilizing musculature about the hips and shoulder complex, as well as strengthening in various developmental postures (50-55 min.).  We finish with 5-10 minutes of stretching. Incorporated into this, You will also learn how to stop overusing your neck and shoulder musculature to free you from pain and tension in these areas.
A variety of equipment including foam rollers, Swiss balls, Kettle bells, exercise bands, weights, and balance discs will be utilized during classes.  However, you will come away with being proficient using mainly your own body weight in higher level postures to work all of the core stabilizing muscles and challenge your balance and coordination.
You will be taught how to exercise safely and effectively so that you can participate in any type of fitness program, lift heavy items and use your body safely without fear of injury.  All of this adds up to more flexible, balanced, coordinated muscle strength so you can go out and do the things you love to do feeling lighter, more powerful and being able to achieve greater personal success!
Cost per Class is $20 or you can purchase a pack of 10 classes for $180. 

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403 49th ST at Shafter Ave.
Oakland 94609

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